BREAKING: Qatar Ground Collision in Doha.

Extreme weather at Doha has pushed a parked Qatar Airways 787 into an A350 at 15h30 local time yesterday, 30 April 2020, with sources at the airport confirming the event.

IMG 20200501 WA0007 - Travel Radar - Aviation News
Footage from the airport in daylight, show the two aircraft’s collision

This video shows the 787 being blown to the left and rolled a few metres into the parked Airbus A350 aircraft.

OTHH 301400Z 14016G39KT 110V180 7000 -TSRA SCT035 FEW040CB BKN100 33/18 Q1002 NOSIG

The ATIS for the weather at the time shows violent gusts of wind up-to 63knts, with local METAR meteorological data suggesting winds in a similar region.

IMG 20200501 WA0005 - Travel Radar - Aviation News
An ATIS Information slip from the airport

We’ll update on the story as the latest news comes in. Travel Radar has reached out to Qatar Airways for a statement.

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