Bomb Threat on Toilet Mirror Forces Iceland Diversion

A bomb threat inscribed on a toilet mirror forced a Condor flight to make an emergency landing in Keflavik, Iceland. The plane was flying from Frankfurt, Germany, to Seattle, USA, yesterday when it was forced to turn around over Greenland.

Toilet Mirror Threat Diverts Condor Flight

Condor flight DE2032 Departed from Frankfurt Airport at 9:49 pm local time on Monday, 25 July, over an hour later than its scheduled departure time of 8:30 pm. The journey, which usually takes ten and a half hours, was cut short when staff noticed a bomb threat in the mirror of the plane’s toilet. Just three hours after takeoff, the aircraft made an emergency landing at Keflavik Airport, Iceland.

Condor toilet Mirror Bomb Threat
Path of the diverted plane | © RadarBox

The flight was operated by a Boeing 767-300 with registration D-ABUI. On board was 17-year-old wrestling star Nick Wayne, accompanied by his mother, Shayna Edwards. Wayne was travelling home from his European debut with PROGRESS Wrestling on 24 July, facing Robbie X.

Landing at Keflavik

Passengers were initially told the reason for the diversion was non-working bathrooms. After landing at 22:55, Twitter user @BillSmi92852819 reports that everyone was “patted down and then sent to a shed to be guarded by cops with MP5s”. They added, “They did allow the use of two bathrooms for 266 people while they took mugshots of everyone. Lines across the building.”

Condor Toilet Mirror Bomb threat
Passengers were assessed by security personnel after landing | © @BillSmi92852819

Passenger Carina Moravec tweeted: “We have been herded through the Reykjavik airport for hours like as if we’re all guilty. Made to stand & sit in crowds of unmasked passengers for hours. Major superspreader event. Expect most of us will go home with Covid”

Passengers were sent to stay in hotels at “around midnight”, whilst Condor had another 767 sent to Iceland to conduct the rest of the flight. Passengers say a new flight back to Seattle was arranged for midday today.

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  1. The whole process was organized horribly. Now we are standing exhausted in Seattle and Alaska Airlines can’t check us in in time for the plane they rebooked, because there is only one staff worker handling check-ins. Some people even do not know when is their next flight. I will never fly with Condor ever.

  2. I was on that flight and the reason they told us we had to go to Reikiavik was because of a “technical malfunction” not because the bathrooms weren’t working. They announced this an hour before landing. It was the worst hour of my life thinking that something was wrong with the plane. People were crying and scared. After we landed, they treat it us like we were all guilty and they never gave us information of what was happening. After that, they had the worst organization with our conecting flights.


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