The month in Review.

Boeing has seen a busy month with a total of 233 orders in June 2018 alone. Firstly FedEx ordered eleven 767-300 Freighters and nine 777 Freighters. A large portion of Boeing’s total orders has come from undisclosed clients.

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FedEx 777-F & 767-F
Artwork Courtesy of Boeing Media Team.

In total 201 737 MAX aircraft have been ordered. Furthermore with 13 767’s ordered and finally 19 777’s. In conclusion Boeing has doubled the firm orders of Airbus for June 2018.

This month saw Boeing delivering 82 aircraft. Those include 56 737 family aircraft, one 747, two 767’s, six 777’s and 17 787’s.

In conclusion as of 30th June 2018 Boeing has a total of 534 orders. 377 orders in the 737 Family, 14 747’s, 20 767’s, 28 777’s & 95 787’s.

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737 MAX part of Boeing’s most successful aircraft family.
Photography Courtesy of Boeing Media Team.































As of 30th June 2018 Boeing has delivered 378 aircraft. 269 in the 737 Family, 3 747’s, 9 767’s, 25 777’s & 72 787’s. Boeing has currently got a backlog of 5,876 orders significantly less than Airbus’ with 7,168. Furthermore Boeing has yet to miss any order deadlines this year and has vowed to continue it’s success.



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