British Airways’ Parent Company IAG’s Financial Performance Results In Profit At Year End
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Airline memorabilia company Doors2Manual is setting up a new visitor and event centre named The Deck at Manchester City Airport Barton. The centrepiece will be the flight deck and upper deck cabin of a Boeing 747-400 previously owned by British Airways. 

British Airways was the world’s largest operator of B747-400 aircraft.

A restaurant with a twist 

39 British Airways 747s were sent for early retirement at Wales Cardiff Airport from March 2020 until September 2020 due to the pandemic. The Boeing 474 which will be modelled into a centrepiece for a restaurant called The Deck at Manchester City Airport Barton, is registered under G-BYGA. 

G-BYGA moved for its final resting place for scraping at Cotswold Airport.

The Deck will be housed in a hanger at Manchester City. Manchester City Airport Barton is a general aviation airport that provides aircraft, helicopter and gyrocopter flights, flying lessons and more. It is also home to the Manchester Flight Sim Center, where visitors can fly various aircraft on a sim. 

Doors2Manual Director and Operational Manager Karen Kearns was pleased to take the flight deck and upper deck cabin of BA’s old Boeing 747-400 under the company’s wing:

“The journey to Manchester’s original airport is just the start of a second life for the old girl, and we’re so privileged to be able to give her a bright future.” 

Kearns continued:

“The Deck is going to provide the perfect backdrop to so many special days for flight fans and we can’t wait to see people come back through the doors for tours, events and to get behind the yoke and fly her.”

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  1. This project is mine and great. Simple flying made an error in the title. It’s not going to be a restaurant it’s a visitors centre flight sim and events space


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