A new Canadian-based airline called Royal Canadian Airlines is set to take off in 2023, although it is not like any other start-up we have seen lately.

Royal Canadian Airlines is one part of the four business enterprises that will be set up in Goderich Municipal Airport (CYGD).

The partnership with Royal Canadian Airlines President Waseem Javed of Revival Consulting Inc has a four-part business adventure plan to:

  • Operate Boeing 777-300ERs to Middle East & Asia destinations
  • Operate an air taxi service
  • Operate a maintenance facility
  • Operate a pilot academy and flight school

“Up until this point, the town of Goderich has been absorbing the cost, and now we have a major player coming in, where they’re not only gonna be running an airline’s headquarters, but also aircraft maintenance and aviation courses, and a few other things, including a taxi service,” says Acting Goderich Mayor, Myles Murdock.

Overview of Goderich Airport (CYGD), Ontario
Overview of Goderich Airport (CYGD), Ontario © Blackburn News | Bob Montgomery

The Airline

The airline is setting up shop in Goderich, Ontario a small city with a population of approximately 8,000. Which seems like a strange place to set up a new international airline, but is an opportunity to add more air traffic and create a more profitable region.

The airline’s main competitors will be competing with West Jet and Air Canada.

“This particular endeavour that’s been brought to us is pretty exciting. And, we’re hopeful everything about it pans out well,” says Acting Goderich Mayor, Myles Murdock.

While the airline will be headquartered at Goderich, the plan is to fly 777s nonstop from Toronto Pearson Airport (YYZ) and Hamilton Airport (YHM) to destinations in India, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Pakistan and Iraq.

The partnership consists of a 40-year lease with the airport, doled out in 10-year renewable increments.

The company allegedly has “the entire airport terminal building” for use and “12 acres of land on airport ground” which are dedicated to the future growth of the company and the pilot academic and flight school.

Waseem Javed of Royal Canadian Airline describes the four aviation businesses he plans to bring to Goderich, Ont. during an event on September 12, 2022© Scott Miller/CTV News London
Waseem Javed of Royal Canadian Airlines describes the four aviation businesses he plans to bring to Goderich, Ont. during an event on September 12, 2022© Scott Miller/CTV News London

Pilot Academy and Flight School

The Canadian Pilot Academic Flight School will operate at Goderich which will become a hub for aspiring pilots to train.

Mayor Murdock says that this could produce long-term benefits to the area, bringing in pilots to train that will stay for an extended period of time.

“Certainly by providing them the opportunity to be here for 6-8 months to train, they’re going to end up making affiliations and learning about Huron County and the town, and I think it’s a very desirable place to live, and I would think that, you know, we need immigration in the worst way and this is another way of achieving that result,” Murdock said.

Javed says this will be a huge operation, planning to build student accommodation with “as many as 50 to 100 jobs are possible” says Javed.

Why this startup is labelled ‘bizarre’

There have been many airline startups that have never taken to the skies including Global Ghana Airlines, Airbahn and Baltia. These airlines have either had a significant attempt to start the airline and failed, or were a hoax to steal money from investors.

There has been discussion online as to whether this is a legitimate operation.

The use of the word ‘royal’ in the name of the airline has people stumped as Canadian entities cannot use the word in company names under federal legislation, leading people to believe that it is not a serious project.

However, there was a press conference that shows Javed speaking with Royal Canadian Airlines banners behind him, and further photos on Twitter show that the discussions and movements of the business adventure are underway. There have also been quotes and responses from those involved stating this is a legitimate operation.

 What do you think of the new airline and the set-up of a pilot academy? Let us know in the comments.


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