Almost exactly a year after an Avior 737-200 underwent a runway excursion at Manaus in Northern Brazil, the airline suffered another incident on Friday 22nd November.

The right main landing gear on an 737-400 collapsed after landing at Bogota’s 13L runway at approximately 19h15 local time. The flight had departed from Valencia in Venezuela earlier. The gear collapsed as the aircraft turned to vacate the runway. It came to a halt after skidding some distance on the right-hand engine cowling.

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There were reports of a fire from nearby aircraft and rescue services doused the right engine and underside of the Boeing. Passengers were transported to the terminal, some requiring treatment by medical personnel. A fuel spill necessitated the closure of the northern runway, resulting in significant disruption of operations at the airport.

No injuries are reported.

Avior operates scheduled and charter services within Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil and other locations within the region, with a fleet of 24 aircraft of which eight are 737-400s.

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