Austrian Airlines and Venice Biennale promote SAF with Art

Austrian Airlines has teamed up with the airports of Vienna and Venice to provide art enthusiasts with an ethical mode of travel and free tickets to the 59th International Art exhibition – Biennale Arte 2022.

Passengers who plan to travel to the art show on the route Vienna – Venice – Vienna will be able to reduce the emission impact of their flight by purchasing tickets from the airline’s “100 SAF” option available on their website.

Austrian Airline’s climate-friendly journey

Every ticket purchased from the 22nd of July for flights in September and October will include the free commute between the centre of Vienna and the Airport with the ‘carbon neutral’ City Train and free admission to The Biennale Arte 2022.

“The project that Venice Airport has carried out with Austrian Airlines, Vienna Airport and The Biennale is an example of collaboration that calls for the responsibility and involvement of the various actors who are part of the travel chain. We are sure that it can constitute a reference model, which can be exported to other contexts that set sustainability objectives,”  said SAVE Group CEO Monic Scarpa

Austrian Airlines has a history of pursuing sustainability through its environmental goals, which include a reduction of 33 per cent in CO2 emissions by 2030 and an increase in fuel efficiency of 1.5 per cent annually.

The Biennale and sustainability

Vienna and Venice airport, The Biennale, SAF, art exhibition
The Biennale encourages art enthusiasts to be more environmentally friendly by using SAF © La Biennale di Venezia

The Biennale, which happens every two years in Venice during the summer, draws 300,000 visitors from all over the world and is the leading venue for showcasing contemporary art and the global avant-garde.

 “In 2021, the Biennale started a process of revisiting all its activities according to consolidated and recognised principles of environmental sustainability”. Said Roberto Cicutto, President of the Venice Biennale

This year’s exhibition is curated by Cecelia Alemani and is titled ‘The Milk of Dream’ and is open to the public from Monday 25th July to 27th November 2022.

Viewers of the art show will be taken on a journey through metamorphoses of the body and definitions of humanity.

Cecilia Alemani states that this year’s exhibition will address the question of “How is the definition of the human changing? What constitutes life, and what differentiates plant and animal, human and non-human? What are our responsibilities towards the planet, other people, and other life forms? And what would life look like without us?”

Since ancient times, the planet has served as nature’s greatest art gallery, inspiring all of humanity with its breathtaking landscapes.  The partnership that Austrian Airlines established with the airports in Vienna and Venice serves as a timely reminder that, when done with respect and care, interactions with the environment do not have to be detrimental.

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