ANA Swaps 777-9s for 777-8Fs, Firms MAX Order

The Japanese Airline ANA finalised its order with American aircraft manufacturer Boeing this week, agreeing on the purchase of 20 B737 MAX jets, with an option to buy ten more in the future. The company has also adjusted an existing purchase agreement for a fleet of B777-9s.

ANA Swaps two 777-9s for 777-8Fs

All Nippon Airways (ANA) has furthered its plans for expansion into the cargo business through its latest deal with Boeing. The airline had initially agreed to purchase 20 Boeing 777-9 aircraft in an agreement dating back to March 2014. Under the updated terms, the airline will swap two of the 777-9s for 777-8Fs, the dedicated freighter model.

Boeing 777-8F for ANA | Cargo Facts
B777-8F | Cargo Facts

The new 777-8Fs will be brought into service during or after the 2028 fiscal year. The 777-8Fs boast greater fuel efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions compared to the older Boeing models in ANA’s fleet.

According to data from ch-Aviation, ANA currently operates a cargo fleet of 10 Boeing aircraft, consisting of four B767-300(ERBCF)’s, four B767-300Fs, and two 777-200Fs. The B767-300(ERBCF)s have an average age of 26.7 years, and the B767-300Fs aren’t too far behind, having been in service for 18.3 years on average.

MAX order confirmed

In addition to the swap, the airline firmed up its purchase agreement for 20 Boeing 737-8 MAX aircraft, which includes the option to buy an additional ten planes. The deal dates back to January 2019 but has been held up by the regulatory issues surrounding the Boeing MAX series.

ANA eyes Boeing 737-8 MAX | Boeing
B737-8 MAX | Boeing

The 737-8’s were suspended for one year and nine months following two fatal crashes relating to software problems on the MAX jets. The FAA resumed service of the aircraft in November 2020, after the safety issues were resolved. Since then, over 46 airlines have resumed operation of the plane without issue.

The new aircraft will replace the Boeing 737-800s that ANA uses on its domestic routes, being introduced in 2025.

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