American Airlines set to launch TikTok partnership

American Airlines will offer passengers a new inflight experience as the airline launches a brand new partnership with TikTok.

TikTok Partnership

TikTok logo on a phone in someone's hand
American Airlines passengers will get free TikTok access | © Getty Images

Starting today, passengers flying with American Airlines on Viasat-equipped aircraft will have to opportunity to access TikTok content for free inflight. Passengers simply have to connect to the “AA-Inflight” signal, where they will be redirected to, where they can click on TikTok, taking advantage of the partnership. For those who are not currently TikTok users, the inflight Wi-Fi will allow customers to download the app without being required to pay extra for premium Wi-Fi.

The partnership will allow users 30 minutes of free TikTok access inflight, so it will not keep children or restless passengers busy for the entire flight. But passengers will be alerted once their 30 minutes are up and will be given the option to purchase WiFi to continue using the app. Alternatively, they can end their session.

 WiFi and Inflight Entertainment

American Airlines aircraft
American Airlines has used streaming services for many years | © WIC News

Apps like TikTok need a solid internet connection. Not so long ago, inflight WiFi was not guaranteed on most aircraft. Furthermore, even if a plane was equipped with WiFi, it is safe to say that it was not good enough to support streaming entertainment.

American Airlines decided a few years ago to move away from more dated methods of entertainment, like seatback screens, and instead move towards streaming entertainment. Earlier this year, American Airlines struck up a partnership with the NBA to bring passengers the best of the playoffs, alongside a wide array of other options for customers to stream. With over 90% of its customers bringing devices onboard, like the majority of airlines these days, it makes sense for the airline to continue to branch out and cater to everyone. If nothing else, the move will kill 30 minutes of a journey and keep people happy.

What do you think of American Airline’s TikTok partnership? Will you be taking advantage? Share your thoughts below!

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