American Airlines latest 787-8 departure
American's first Boeing 787-8 delivery this year. | © The Boeing Company

To the delight of many airlines across the globe, Boeing has resumed the deliveries of its classic and popular Dreamliner aircraft. 

On 10 August, American Airlines received its first Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner aircraft since April 2021 – a lengthy 15 months later. 

Back on track 

American Airlines’ newest Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner, was delivered from Charleston, South Carolina this Wednesday and will enter commercial service in the next few weeks. This is the first Dreamliner aircraft the U.S carrier has received this year.

Boeing has finally got matters back on track following its announcement this week that Dreamliner deliveries are set to continue, but the American manufacturer is said to have over 450 787 Dreamliners yet to be delivered to clients and 120 completed 787s yet to be delivered from an order book of 476 – it is clear that Boeing certainly has a mountain to climb.

Boeing Chief Financial Officer Brian West did confirm last month that deliveries of outstanding aircraft are to be increased to five per month – American is expected to receive nine aircraft as a result of this boost by the end of this year. 

American Airlines B787-8 Dreamliner August 2022 delivery
American’s latest B787-9 Dreamliner. | © The Boeing Company

A spokesperson for Boeing spoke to Simple Flying regarding the resumption of 787-8 deliveries:

“We have resumed 787 deliveries, following our thorough engineering analysis, verification and rework activities to ensure all airplanes conform to Boeing’s exacting specifications and regulatory requirements. We remain committed to maintaining transparent discussions with our regulators, customers and suppliers to ensure we continue to deliver airplanes that meet all regulatory requirements and Boeing’s highest quality standards.”

American Airlines, in a statement, also stated their appreciation towards the Federal Aviation Administration and Boeing for all their work during the review process.

The 787-8 Dreamliner received by American Airlines is configured to carry 234 passengers up to 13,530km. The oneworld Alliance airline does currently have 25 active Dreamliners in its fleet, including the latest edition. 

American Airlines B787-9 Dreamliner
American Airlines’ latest B787-9 Dreamliner departing Charleston, South Carolina. | © The Boeing Company

Boeing’s Dreamliner is a popular aircraft and was the most used widebody aircraft during the two disruptive years of the pandemic. It is also one of today’s fastest twin-aisle aeroplanes. (And one of my favourites, personally.) 

American currently has 47 active 787 family aircraft with an additional 42 on order.

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