Polish carrier established in 1929, LOT Polish Airlines, had a domestic flight scheduled from Kraków (KRK) to Warsaw (WAW) today, which was diverted to Hungary due to the stormy weather conditions.


LOT Polish Airlines current Route Map © LOT Polish Airlines
LOT Polish Airlines current Route Map © LOT Polish Airlines

The flight took off from the city of Krakow in Southern Poland and was scheduled to arrive in the capital city of Warsaw at 6.40 this morning. Today’s gusty winds caused the flight to land in Hungary’s capital city of Budapest instead, with the flight shortly after re-departing and landing at its original destination of Warsaw at 9.28 am local time. This resulted in close to a three-hour delay for what was meant to be a short 50-minute flight.


Domestic Polish Airlines Flight Diverts Internationally © Flight Radar
Domestic Polish Airlines Flight Diverts Internationally © FlightRadar24


What Is a Go Around?

A Go Around is when the pilot or air traffic control don’t deem it safe enough for the plane to land, so they divert and fly around nearby until conditions have improved. A go around can be executed to prevent accidents and ensure a safe landing.

With wind and turbulence affecting the stabilisation of the aircraft, the pilot can perform a go around until weather conditions improve and they are confident they can safely land the aircraft.


Storm Dudley

Storm Dudley and its strong winds have also resulted in diversions in the UK. On Wednesday afternoon, the Manchester City football team had a Titan Airways flight scheduled from Lisbon back to Manchester but were made to land in Liverpool, just 30 miles away, instead due to Storm Dudley.

The Boeing 757 circled over Manchester three times before performing a Go Around and landing safely in Liverpool Airport instead.



Most recently, other UK flights have been affected by the weather. This includes Ryanair flight number FR2204, which was diverted to Liverpool, British Airways flight number BA7313 and Aer Lingus flight number EI8383 which were both diverted to Belfast.


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