An Alitalia Cityliner Embraer ERJ-175, registration EI-RDM performing flight AZ-568 from Rome Fiumicino (Italy) to Geneva (Switzerland), was accelerating for takeoff from Fiumicino’s runway 25 when just before becoming airborne the aircraft experienced excessive vibrations. The crew continued takeoff, the aircraft became airborne, the vibrations ceased and the aircraft climbed out. The crew stopped the climb at FL200 after being told tyre debris had been found on the departure runway and decided to return to Fiumicino. The aircraft landed on runway 16R about 35 minutes after departure and stopped on the runway.

A passenger reported there had been extreme vibrations just before the aircraft became airborne. After the crew decided to return to Rome the cabin was prepared for a rough landing, passengers were instructed to assume the brace position for landing. The landing was “heavy” but successful, there was no need to evacuate the aircraft. The passengers disembarked normally via stairs onto the runway, were medically checked and offered water, none of the passengers indicated injuries. The passengers were subsequently bussed to the terminal, where police registered every one, which lasted about two hours, before the passengers were released to their hotels or their homes.

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