Alaska Airlines Allows you to Verify your Passport Before you Even Reach the Airport

From 29 August 2023, passengers flying with Alaska Airlines holding U.S. or Canadian passports can verify their travel documents before entering the airport. Travelers can use the new Mobile Verify Program to check their passports without the hassle of navigating airport queues and waiting for a customer service agent to check those all-important documents, leaving you with plenty of time to grab a last-minute snack for the flight ahead.

Alaska Airlines Aircraft
Alaska Airlines aircraft © Y S

How does the Mobile Verify Program work?

With the use of biometric identities and the Mobile Verify Program, passengers will be able to seamlessly flow through the airport without even having to take out their travel documents just by using their smartphone.

Powered by Airside, an Onfido company, all you need to do is download the Airside Digital Identity mobile app on an iOS or Android device and create your digital identity. This only needs to be done once during the lifespan of your passport, meaning no matter how many flights you go on, traveling through the airport will never be easier!

The app verifies your information by scanning the photo page of your passport as well as the embedded chip while also asking you to take a photo of your face to verify your identity. Your digital ID will then be safely secured on your device and can only be shared by you.

Before any trip, all you need to do is select your departure date and location and enter your confirmation code that gives one-time consent for Alaska Airlines to use your digital identity. This will alert them that you have verified the documents needed for international travel and are ready to go!

Passports needed no more with new Airside Digital Identity mobile app
Passports are needed no more with the new Airside Digital Identity mobile app… © Jon Tyson

Reimagining the way you travel…

Senior Vice President of Innovation and Merchandising Charu Jain discusses the new technology, stating, “We’re reimagining the entire guest experience at our airports with the goal of getting you through the lobby in 5 minutes or less. We’re investing in technology that takes processes traditionally only available at an airport and makes them possible from your smartphone. This new Mobile Verify technology creates a seamless airport experience for guests traveling internationally — eliminating the uncertainty that comes with having to wait in airport lines.”

Alaska Airlines also stresses the importance of safety and security, emphasising that customers’ information is their ‘highest priority’, with Adam Tsao, General Manager for Airside at Onfido, highlighting, “Alaska has highly loyal guests thanks to the quality of their service and their commitment to consumer privacy. We’re proud Airside is helping deliver on this commitment and empower all those who travel on Alaska Airlines with fast, private, and easy airport experiences by putting digital identities in the hands of their flyers.”

While Alaska Airlines promotes the high-speed, contactless check-in process from the entrance to the gate, they ensure there will remain customer service agents available at all points if you have any problems or decide not to opt to use the Mobile Verify App.

What are your thoughts on Alaska Airlines using self-check-in technology? Let us know in the comments!

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