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Welcome back to Airport Cinema. This series could very quickly become one devoted to airports in California. Hollywood certainly seems to love a short commute to work by filming at airports nearby and disguising them as other airports.

Image By D Thory From Pixabay
The Hollywood sign. Image By D. Thory, Pixabay.

While the previous edition was about a California-based airport, the weather was too irresistible to leave, so here we are again checking out another airport based in the region. This time it is the Southern California Logistics Division, also known as Victorville Airport.

Southern California Logistics Division in popular culture

The main purpose of this piece is to discuss one of the biggest films of 2020, Tenet, which involved a huge scene that was filmed at this airport. However, the scene takes place in Oslo. They tricked us again!

Disclaimer: In a previous issue we stated that no planes were hurt in the production of the film. The same cannot be said here. If you’re squeamish, look away now!

Most films and filmmakers rely on CGI or the use of miniatures when it comes to large scale explosions. The same cannot be said of the Director of Tenet, Christopher Nolan. It is claimed that Nolan bought an actual Boeing 747 and crashed it into the building pictured, stating that it would in fact be more cost effective than using special effects. It was certainly more realistic!

While he is royalty in the filmmaking world, some plane enthusiasts may have some beef with Nolan, as he sure does love to destroy an aircraft. Or any vehicle for that matter! Having crashed recreated Spitfires in 2017’s Dunkirk, he flipped a humongous truck in The Dark Knight and dismantled a plane while in the air in its sequel, The Dark Knight Rises, and that was just in the first 10 minutes.

Let’s just be thankful he didn’t direct Pixar’s Cars. That would have been a very different film.

Victorville Airport certainly proves itself to be a diverse actor, having appeared in vast amount of Hollywood films: Twister, Face/Off, Space Cowboys, Oceans Eleven, The Sum of All Fears, Hulk, Jarhead, Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift and Rampage.

About Victorville Airport

The airport was previously known as George Air Force Base, a United States Air Force fight training facility from 1941 to 1992. The airport is used for business, military and freight use. Therefore, it is quite clear to see why a lot of the films shot here involve a big military presence. So maybe when you see a military airport in a film, wonder if it is Victorville airport. Even if the film is claiming to be in Scandinavia.

Have you visited Victorville Airport? Let us know!

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