An Air Canada Airbus A330-300, registration C-GHLM performing flight AC-664 from Montreal, QC to Halifax, NS (Canada), was climbing through about FL340 about 60nm northwest of Bangor, ME (USA) when the aircraft encountered wake turbulence causing minor injuries to a flight attendant.

A Swiss International Airlines Boeing 777-300, registration HB-JNI performing flight LX-8 from Zurich (Switzerland) to Chicago O’Hare, IL (USA), was en route at FL350 and had crossed the flight trajectory of AC-664 about 70 seconds prior to AC-664 reaching the crossing point. About a minute after passing the crossing point LX-8 was cleared and began to climb to FL370.

Both aircraft continued to their destinations for safe landings.

The FAA reported a flight attendant received unknown injuries when the aircraft encountered wake turbulence near Bangor, ME.


Image © Wikimedia

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