Air Canada 777-300 Leaks Oil Midflight

An Air Canada Boeing 777-300 has leaked oil and declared a Maday near Tokyo.

The aircraft’s registration is C-FIVS and was performing flight AC-1 from Toronto, ON (Canada) to Tokyo Haneda (Japan) with 365 passengers and 15 crew onboard. They were en route over the Pacific Ocean about 1200nm northeast of Tokyo when the crew noticed a decreasing oil quantity on the right hand engine (GE90).

The crew increased monitoring of the right hand engine. While already in Tokyo Airspace the crew decided to shut the engine down, declared a Mayday, and continued for a safe landing on Haneda’s runway 23 about 35 minutes after the engine was shut down. The aircraft was inspected on the runway and subsequently taxied to the gate.

The Canadian TSB reported the oil pressure line from the fuel/oil heat exchanger to the #4 bearing was leaking. The line was replaced.

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Jake Smith
Jake Smith
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