Air Arabia A320 Lines up and Departs in the Wrong Direction

An Air Arabia Airbus A320-200, registration A6-ANV performing flight G9-111 from Sharjah (United Arab Emirates) to Salalah (Oman), was taxiing for departure from Sharjah’s runway 30, the aircraft entered the runway for an intersection departure from taxiway B14 and turned into direction runway 12 (opposite to intended direction), takeoff distance available from B14 on runway 12 was 1020 meters/3350 feet instead of 3010 meters/9900 feet in direction of runway 30, including the paved runway end safety area a paved surface of 1150 meters/3760 feet was available in direction of runway 12. The crew commenced takeoff from intersection B14 along direction runway 12, managed to become airborne in time to avoid any obstacles, climbed out to safety and continued to Salalah for a landing without further incident.

On Sep 19th 2018 Air Arabia instructed their pilots that all intersection departures were banned with immediate effect after one of their flights took off from an intersection in the wrong direction. The airline further re-iterates that ATC in Sharjah might clear flights to taxi to the runway full length via taxiway B rather than taxiway A, great attention to ATC instructions is needed.

Both pilots have been suspended pending the investigation.

On Oct 5th 2018 The United Emirates GCAA reported: “Air Arabia flight ABY111 was cleared for takeoff at OMSJ runway 30, B14 intersection. However, crew mistakenly lined up for runway 12. After entering the runway, and realizing that the remaining distance for takeoff was short (about 1,100 meters), the commander took over controls and continued the takeoff while selecting flaps at 2nd used TOGA power. The aircraft took off at the end of the runway. After takeoff, a call from ATC was received informing the crew about the wrong runway used.” The occurrence was rated a serious incident and is being investigated by the GCAA.

Excerpt of Aerodrome Chart (Graphics: AIP United Arab Emirates):

arabia a320 a6 anv sharjah 180918 1 - Travel Radar - Aviation News

Image © Wikimedia

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