Aeroflot Group set to purchase 50 Russian made MC-21-300.

Russia’s Aeroflot Group shareholders approved to purchase 50 of the new MC-21-300.  First of all the order is valued at $5.231 billion USD. Aeroflot Group is made up of 4 airlines. Aeroflot, Rossiya Airlines, Pobeda Airlines & Aurora Airlines. Therefore the order will be distributed within the group.

The Russian Made MC-21-300 has been developed by Irkut. The Aeroflot Group will lease them from Aviacapital-Service. In addition the leasing company is currently leasing 50 Boeing 737-800s to Aeroflot.

In comparison with Boeing 737 the most widely used commercial aircraft it is good competition. First of all the MC-21-300 boasts a 1 class cabin of 211 seats. In contrast the Boeing 737-800 holds 189 seats in the same configuration.  Also the MC-21-300 fuselage is 11cm wider leaving an aisle width of 61cm. Finally both the MC-21 and Boeing 737 sit almost equally in terms of aircraft range and engine performance.

mc21 - Travel Radar - Aviation News
MC-21 cabin mock up showing a two class configuration.
1054123 600 - Travel Radar - Aviation News
MC-21 Cockpit mock up.


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