A380 Accquired By Global Airlines, A New Airline Promising To Revolutionise Customer Experience

Global Airlines, a new airline launched in 2021, has purchased its first Airbus A380 from Doric Aviation, with three more expected to join the fleet in the next few months. With their first transatlantic flight due to take off by Spring 2024, the purchase marks the first step towards their goal of transporting passengers back to the ‘Golden Age of Air Travel.’

Global A380 aircraft on a grass runway
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A380 Purchase Details

While the new airline isn’t the only carrier using A380s for key routes, this purchase is particularly interesting as, unlike other carriers, Global Airlines has chosen to acquire its primary aircraft rather than leasing. James Asquith, CEO and Founder of the new airline, is already looking ahead:

“Our aspiration is to be the best way to fly, and the A380, with its unmatched levels of space, comfort, and service, will be absolutely central to achieving that vision. The purchase of our first aircraft demonstrates that we are well on the way to launching Global. The next step is to overhaul and refit the aircraft to our high specification, providing our customers with the best experience in the sky today. Acquiring our aircraft rather than leasing showcases our commitment to

financial security and resilience from day one.”

The partnership with Doric Aviation marks a significant milestone towards the ambitious plans for the airline’s future. While the exact price of the A380 has not been announced, it is understood to be in the eight-figure range, which the company says demonstrated ‘the airline’s dedication to acquiring top-quality assets.’

Sibylle Paehler, Managing Partner at Doric said:

“We are

delighted to have worked with James and the team on the acquisition of their first Global Airlines aircraft. Contrary to popular belief, the A380 is widely recognised as the best way to fly, offering unparalleled comfort and features that lead to a unique travel experience. We are proud to have placed this beautiful modern aircraft with a new airlin

e that will soon take to the skies. We are confident that Global Airlines will acquire more A380 aircraft in the near future.”

Global Airlines tail decal
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Who Are Global Airlines?

Global Airlines was founded in 2021 with a vision to revolutionise commercial flying. Renowned travel personality, James Asquith, was inspired by his passion for travel and some troubling experiences in the past aboard commercial flights.

The airline promises to ‘do things differently’ from catering to scheduling and ground operations, though has yet to announce what these changes will be.

Following this ethos, and with its promised fleet of A380s, the airline is aiming to have approximately 471 seats before the first flight takes off in 2024.

What do you think about this purchase? Will you be flying with Global Airlines when they launch? Let us know in the comments!

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