Airbus has redesigned the interiors of its A320 family of aircraft. The new cabin concept is called Airspace, and it’s going to be a game-changer for short- and medium-haul planes. The Lufthansa Group, one of Airbus’s most significant customers, seems interested in the product. Indeed, Swiss International was the first airline to receive the A320neo with the brand new interior concept.

The Airspace concept by Airbus

The new Airspace interior concept by Airbus gives a greater sense of space onboard the plane, bringing the passengers’ experience to an even higher level of comfort. The Airspace interiors are to be installed on the A330neo, A350 family, and, from 2021, the A320neo.

a320 swiss airspace cabin
The newly designed interior of the A320 is more spacious. | © Reto Hoffmann

The Airspace interior on the A320neo will revolutionise the short and medium-haul flying experience. Indeed, it transfers some of the most appreciated perks of long-haul planes, such as the A350, into the cabin of short and medium-haul aircraft. The new interior allows for wider seats and slimmer sidewalls, which increase the personal space at the shoulder level. Moreover, the extra overhead bin space has been increased to store 60% more luggage.

Furthermore, the window shades have been integrated to maximise visibility, allowing for more natural light to enter the plane. Last but not least, the ceiling LED light can be customised for a unique experience.

The choice of adding the A320 neo to the list of planes featuring the new Airspace interior stems from the success of this aircraft. At the end of December, Airbus received 7,900 orders for the A320neo family from its 120 customers worldwide.

Swiss International A320 Delivery

On January 20, Swiss International was the first airline to receive the A320neo featuring the Airspace interior. The Lufthansa subsidiary is going to operate the aircraft on its European routes.

swiss a320 airspace interior
The Swiss International Airlines A320neo with Airspace interior was delivered on January 20. | © Airbus

The Lufthansa Group seems willing to expand the number of Airbus aircraft featuring the new interior concept. Indeed, it is said to be willing to equip approximately 80 of its A320 currently on order with the Airspace interior design.


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