737 Max 8-200 receives EASA approval

By 8 months ago

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has granted type certification to the 737 Max 8-000. The aircraft, which uses the same engines and systems as the regular 737 Max, is designed to carry a higher number of passengers.

Despite being able to carry more passengers, the plane will have the same maximum take off weight as the 737 Max. The aircraft will be allowed to carry up to 207 passengers, including 5 staff under EASA rules. The aircraft has proved to be popular with short haul budget carriers.


The 737 Max

 The 737 Max was grounded world-wide in 2019 following two fatal crashes, caused in part by the Manoeuvring Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS) and lack of transparency about its impact.

EASA certified the Max to fly again in Europe earlier this year. In the time since the fatal crashes, Boeing has secured large new orders for the 737 Max. This included an order for 200 737 Max aircraft from IAG and an order for 75 additional 737 8’s from Ryanair.

However, the aircraft has since been hit by more issues. Boeing recently announced a new issue with the 737 Max. Boeing has therefore reached out to 16 of its customers and asked them to do some checks on the planes’ electrical system.

This issue has led to American Airlines and Southwest Airlines grounding part of their 737 Max fleet. Whilst the issue does not affect all 737 Max aircraft, it is another blow to the 737 Max brand, which has already suffered significant damage over the last few years.

Air safety regulators, such as EASA and the FAA will undoubtedly be looking at these issues, following criticism of their previous failings.

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