5 Ultimate Top Tips for Nervous Flyers

Whether you are solo travelling, getting ready to holiday with family, or flying for business, being a nervous flyer can dampen your trip.

While it seems like something that can be difficult to overcome no matter how many flights you have been on, the inevitable pre-flight nerves you know when you travel solo are bound to kick in upon arrival at the airport.

However, there are ways to overcome and settle those nerves before and during your next flight. Here are some helpful tips to ease even the most nervous flyer.

Aisle of a plane with a passenger with his head in his hand to the left
Aisle passenger looking nervous on board © Hanson Lu
  1. Arrive early to the airport

While this may seem like an obvious one, arriving early at your terminal can help reduce the stress of the classic airport rush. Checking your bags early, being prepared to go through security with your liquids already in a clear bag and ensuring the location of your gate is, in fact, where it says it should be can all work together to ensure your mind is at ease so you have time to grab some food and relax at your gate.

This, in turn, will also give you time to see just how frequently planes are taking off and landing without any problems, showing you it is as simple as waiting for a bus or train!

  1. Educate yourself

It is always helpful to do your research before getting on the plane to stop your mind from wandering to all of the Hollywood films you have seen about plane crashes. Turbulence is often the main cause of concern for nervous flyers, so it is helpful to think about a simple analogy when turbulence strikes, such as the now-viral TikTok video, where a balled-up napkin submerged within a pot of jelly is used to represent a plane, and the jelly all of the pressure keeping the plane in the air. No matter how much pressure is placed onto the plane, it cannot fall due to the same pressure pushing up on it; it remains stable.


  1. Watch the cabin crew

Now you are on the plane, taking off and landing is most likely at the forefront of your mind. If it is this that is causing those jitters, then take at look at your cabin crew. They have gone through this process countless times without issues, so watching them as you take off and land can take the stress away. This is the same for turbulence; while you may be worrying, your cabin crew are likely strolling through the cabin handing out drinks without concern. Remember, if the crew does not look worried, then you should not either.

Member of cabin crew assisting passenger
Member of cabin crew assisting a passenger © Mohammad Arrahmanur
  1. Avoid caffeine and alcohol

While it can be tempting to suppress your nerves with a glass of wine or attempt to power through the flight with a big cup of coffee, alcohol and caffeine can both induce feelings of anxiety and irritability, not to mention causing potential headaches that can be worsened by the high altitude and lack of cabin humidity. The effects of these beverages are, therefore, more noticeable on board because of the drier air the body is not used to on the ground. For that reason, it is a better idea to consume lots of water before and during the flight to avoid that stuffy feeling and dry throat often caused by nerves. It can also lessen the effects of potential blood pressure dips when inactive in the air for long periods, which can lead to fainting.

  1. Distract yourself

While it can be difficult to find distractions while sitting in the same position for an extended period, finding an activity to pass the time is the perfect way to take your mind off your current situation. Podcasts are an excellent distraction, taking your thoughts to a different subject entirely and are more time-consuming than just listening to music. Downloading films before your flight will also do the same.

If you are on a longer flight, it can be beneficial to get some sleep before arriving at your final destination, making you feel well-rested and ready to make the most of your trip!

If you are still worried after trying these tips, speak to the cabin crew! They are ultimately there to ensure you feel comfortable and will help you in any way they can. Let them know about any nerves you have before take-off, and they will be able to check in with you throughout the flight more frequently and answer any of those questions you may have to make your journey more comfortable. But, most importantly, do not let those nerves ruin your trip! The flight will be worth it!

Have any more additional tips for nervous flyers? Let us know in the comments below!

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