Willa Air airline for influencers

Southern California is about to gain a new airline – Willa Air – that will only serve influencers. Their first flight will take 12 passengers to Coachella later this month.

Who is Willa Air?

The airline is a new venture by the fintech Willa. The company’s main product is an app for influencers, content creators, and freelancers that facilitates easier payments from brands and agencies. Co-founder Aron Levin views the airline as a natural extension of the services they already provide, saying in a press release:

“Willa was founded with the mission of helping creators, and quick, seamless travel is one of the many ways we are supporting our audience.”

Their first flight will be to Coachella, North America’s most famous music festival and a popular event for influencers. Willa clearly knows their audience, as the journey features many perks that will attract the attention of the TikTok elite.

Inaugural Flight to Coachella

Willa is offering a door-to-door service from LA to the Coachella festival for 12 lucky influencers, departing on 15 April. Before departing, passengers will be treated to a champagne breakfast in Willa’s executive lounge in Venice, LA. Also on offer will be “Adaptogenic Beverages” designed to counteract the effects of stress on the body whilst improving your immune system. From there, they will be escorted to Van Nuys Airport, where they will board a private jet bound for the Palm desert. The flight will last under one hour, but Willa assures passengers that in-flight entertainment will be included. For the return, influencers will be taken to Willa’s base, known as “The Bank”, where they can recover from the weekend with IV drips, massages, healthy brunch and a detox juice bar.

Willa Air influencer passengers enjoying champagne
Passengers will be treated to a champagne breakfast | © Willa


To be in with a chance of getting a ticket, applicants will have to enter their Instagram, and TikTok handles on the company’s website. They can then boost their priority on the waiting list by making payments on the Willa app. Each payment will move them one further up the list. Winners are due to be announced today, and the flight will depart on 15 April, later this week.

Where else is Willa flying?

At present, the only other flight planned is to the New York Fashion Week, though applications for it have not yet opened. It is unclear whether Willa Air has long term plans for operations or whether this will turn out to be a standalone marketing stunt. Last year, the company received $18 million in their Series A funding drive, and they reported a waitlist of over 150,000 freelancers. So perhaps we may see them stick around a little while longer.

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