What is the Boeing 737 MAX 8200?

What is the 737 MAX 8200? Is it just a name to disguise the notorious 737 MAX that had two fatal accidents in 2019? Through this article, you will find out more about the 737 MAX 8200 and what it is?

The Boeing 737 MAX
The Boeing 737 MAX 10 | Source: Boeing

What is Boeing and the 737 MAX?

Boeing is a well-known airplane manufacturer based in the United States. Founded in 1916, Boeing is one of the pioneers of aviation and has created many aircraft since. One of the most popular aircraft Boeing has made is the Boeing 737 series. The latest addition to the Boeing 737 family is the Boeing 737MAX, which has faced several issues since its first flight in 2016, mainly the faulty MCAS system (Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System) which resulted in hundreds of fatalities. Due to this, the aircraft type was grounded on 10 March 2019. However, in late 2019, the 737 MAX’s issues were resolved and operations commenced using the jet again.

A Lion Air Boeing 737 MAX

What is the new 737 MAX 8200?

Despite the failures of the original Boeing 737 MAX 8, Boeing did not give up and continued to approve a new variant of the 737 MAX- the 737 MAX 8200! Launched in 2014, the Boeing 737 MAX 8200 is a high-density version of the original 737 MAX 8. The new 737 MAX 8200 fits a maximum of 200 passengers, 22 more passengers than the 737 MAX 8. Also, the new aircraft will feature an extra pair of exit doors and 5% lower operating costs as compared to the 737 MAX 8. Despite having its first flight in 2019, the aircraft has not entered commercial service yet and is expected to enter service soon with Ryanair as the FAA recently approved the new variant

A Ryanair 737-8200 (Max 200) | © Woody’s Aeroimages

What airlines have ordered the 737 MAX 8200?

So far, only a few airlines have ordered the 737 MAX 8200. The one which ordered the most is Ryanair, with a total of 210 aircraft to slowly phase out their aging fleet of 737-800s. Ryanair is set to be the launch customer of the type soon and their CEO, Michael O’Leary is enthusiastic about getting the new type. Another airline that ordered the new aircraft is VietJet Air, which is planning to bring in 100 of them to their ever-expanding fleet.

Westjet 737 MAX landing in Calgary. Photo by Justin Hu
Westjet 737 MAX landing in Calgary | Photo by Justin Hu

How Ryanair and VietJet are planning to make sure their passengers feel safe:

Many people in the world are afraid of flying the 737 MAX. This is due to the two fatal crashes that took place a few years ago regarding this aircraft which were caused by careless mistakes by Boeing. In spite of this, Ryanair and VietJet will have Boeing 737-8 written on their safety cards and the exterior of the aircraft to calm down the passengers onboard. However, people will not be tricked into boarding the aircraft. If you do not wish to fly the 737 MAX, it is highly likely that these airlines will notify you in some way, such as a text message before the flight or a warning when you are booking the ticket.

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  1. No way Ryanair will give u fee free option to avoid the Max flights. But at same time he must be confident its fixed. The boss is very image focused, doesn’t mind the right fisted rep he has as he keeps prices low but no way he’d risk his business on a death trap!

  2. For what it’s worth I flew on a 737 max 8200 yesterday from London Southend to Alicante. Flight was fine and unless I’m mistaken there seemed to be more legroom than I’m used to with Ryanair. Just my 10 cents.

  3. They definitely don’t let you know you’re flying on one. Only knew when we were on the runway. I would have preferred not too but it went ok!


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