Westjet Receives First Boeing 787

WestJet has received their first Boeing 787-9 aircraft. This marks the first aircraft of 10 to be delivered to the company. Westjet will receive the other 9 until 2021, with the option to order 10 more. This is Westjet’s second long range aircraft in their fleet, in 2015, the company started operating the Boeing 767-300ER on their Canada to Europe routes. The company is expanding their long range service to open up Western Canada to Europe, as their current 737 Max 8 aircraft simply do not have the range.

“Today’s delivery marks a new chapter for Westjet” says the companies CEO, Ed Sims

Valued at 280 Million dollars, the 787 is the most technologically advanced aircraft in the skies today. The aircraft boasts a cruising range of more than 8 000 nautical miles, which allows the aircraft to fly virtually between any two destinations on earth. The aircraft also has an ETOPS (Extended-Range Twin-Engine Operational Performance Standards), rating of ETOPS 330, which means the aircraft can fly 330 minutes from the nearest diversion airport. This means that the 787 can theoretically fly anywhere on earth, with the exception of flying directly over Antarctica. The aircraft also boasts an impressive service ceiling of 43 000 ft, which is one of the highest compared to other commercial airliners. The only commercial airliner that has a service ceiling higher is the Concorde, which cruised at over 45 000 ft.

Westjet’s new 787 was assembled at Boeing’s main manufacturing facility in Everett, Washington, just outside of Seattle. In Everett, the aircraft had a naming ceremony, at the ceremony, Westjet officially named the aircraft after the Founder, and chairman of Westjet, Clive Beddoe

“Because of the leadership, vision, and commitment of Clive, we had the opportunity to fly the Dreamliner home today”, says Ed Sims, CEO of Westjet

Boeing is an American aircraft manufacturing company based in Seattle, Washington. Boeing is responsible for building many of the world’s most popular commercial aircraft. Some of the most popular include the 737, 777, 747, and the 787.

Westjet claims that the 787 will allow Westjet to compete with Air Canada on the International scale. In recent claims, Westjet has hinted to expansion to continents such as Asia, South America, and Latin America. The 787 180928 plus 737 max 737x426 - Travel Radar - Aviation Newswill allow Westjet to install lie-flat seats, a feature common on many oceanic flights, and for the first time, Westjet will be able to separate the economy class seats. Westjet has their signature “Premium” economy, which on the majority of flights, are seats at the front of the cabin. The 787 will allow Westjet to separate the Premium economy seats from the rest of the economy cabin, giving it another feature over booking regular economy.

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