A United Boeing 737-900, registration N38424 performing flight UA-326 from Washington Dulles, DC (USA) to Seattle, WA (USA), reported ready for departure and was instructed to line up runway 19C and wait, tower advised there were a couple of runway crossings ahead of their departure. About 40 seconds later tower cleared UA-326 for takeoff, the aircraft commenced its takeoff roll at some stage. About 40 seconds after the takeoff clearance tower cleared two aircraft to cross runway 19C. When the crew of UA-326 saw one of the aircraft on the runway they rejected takeoff and announced they were aborting seeing an aircraft on the runway. Tower queried whether they had been cleared to takeoff, the crew affirmed they had received clearance for takeoff. The second aircraft cleared to cross had stopped ahead of the runway. Tower cancelled the takeoff clearance, instructed UA-326 to vacate the runway and cleared the two crossing aircraft to continue crossing.

The controller continued duties for the rest of their shift.

UA-326 was able to depart about 15 minutes later, was cleared for departure by the same controller, and reached Seattle on time.


Image © Wikimedia

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