spirit airlines marine terminal

Spirit Airlines announced this week that it has transferred its operations to Terminal A at LaGuardia International Airport.


Spirit consolidates its flights to one terminal.

On 29 March, American carrier Spirit completed its move to Terminal A, also known as the “Marine Air Terminal”. Formerly, the airline had split its operations between Terminal A and Terminal C. The move will make operations more straightforward for the airline and more convenient for passengers boarding at LaGuardia. Spirit’s Chief Commercial Officer, Matt Klein, said:

“At Spirit, we are committed to our Invest in the Guest initiatives. The consolidation of our operations at LGA is yet another important achievement for our airline as well as our Guests.  We are excited to see our brand continue to grow in New York and, most importantly, it’s a true honor to now serve all of our Guests from the historic Marine Air Terminal.”

LaGuardia Airport General manager Tony Vero commented:

“As LaGuardia Airport continues its transformative redevelopment, we are delighted to welcome Spirit Airlines to Terminal A, the historic Marine Air Terminal,”

“We look forward to working with Spirit to provide best-in-class service to a growing number of air passengers.”

About Terminal A

The Marine Terminal, so-called because it was originally built to handle seaplanes, flying boats and clippers, was the airport’s original terminal for overseas flights. After World War II, seaplanes fell out of use, and the terminal was later converted for commercial use.

Mural at LaGaurdia's Marine Air terminal
James Brooks Mural at the Marine Air Terminal | © AtDisneyAgain

Today, the Terminal is home to a 235-foot-long mural called “Flight” by artist James Brookes that tells the story of human flight. JetBlue was the only airline using the historic terminal until April 2021, when Spirit airlines started using it for their Fort Lauderdale service.

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