South Africa’s Airlink to ease access into Mozambique

Airlink has announced that it will soon service direct flights from Cape Town to Mozambique in an effort to boost economic activity and tourism.

Re-launching the route

The privately-run airline intends to connect Cape Town and Mozambique’s capital, Maputo, for the first time in over eight years. South African Airways, the country’s national air carrier, used to offer this non-stop route back in 2014 but has encountered significant issues in the past few years. In explaining why it was important to re-establish this pathway, Airlink CEO and MD Roger Foster stated,

“Airlink is responding to the call of the traveling market for a direct service between the two coastal cities, which are also growing important centres of economic activity, including trade and tourism.”

He also stated that the technical benefits of this move would include shorter flight times and an overall more bearable flight experience for customers.

Rodger Foster, CEO Airlink ©internet

Connecting Southern Africa

Airlink has been working to create several routes between key cities in South Africa and other major economic hubs in the Southern African region. On August 15th the company will launch a route from Johannesburg to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe – a widely popular vacation destination. Foster stated that

“Victoria Falls is a jewel in the region’s tourism crown and Airlink is looking forward to re-establishing connectivity between the attraction and Johannesburg,”


Additionally, on October 16, the air carrier will introduce a pathway from Johannesburg to Antananarivo in Madagascar. There was initially hesitancy from the Madagascan government to lift travel restrictions, as well as a contentious ‘ban’ on Airlink, however, the airline states that it is thrilled to begin operations and better connect the region.

Map of Southern Africa
Map of Southern African region. ©Nick Roux and Shaund

Ultimately, this new route from Cape town to Mozambique is part of a larger economic strategy from the African airline, which ambitiously seeks to dominate the Sub-Saharan region and offer a wide selection of destinations for all its customers.




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