Skytrax names Qatar airways the number one airline of 2019 at the Paris airshow

Qatar airways has officially moved up to the number one spot on Skytrax charts for the best airline of 2019.


Qatar placed second in the year 2018 behind Singapore airlines whom have now dropped to the number two spot a year later. Not only did they win worlds best airline but they also took home the award of the worlds best business class and worlds best business class seat with their absolutely amazing Qsuites. Quite an accomplishment for Qatar coming of an amazing year in 2018 and another great start to 2019.

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Top ten list for the best airlines of 2019 courtesy of Skytrax

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Top 10 list for the worlds best business class also courtesy of Skytrax


This year we’ve seen many airlines fall on the list while many have climbed. Qatar is one of the airlines whom have showed a substantial improvement in just this past year. Adding new routes to their worldwide network and also being the launch customer of one of Airbus’s newest long haul aircraft, the A350-1000.

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Qatar’s route network out of their home base in Doha courtesy of Qatar airways.


Speaking of Qatar’s home base of Doha, Qatar has also won the best airline in the Middle East beating out the other two airlines in the big 3 which are Emirates who placed 2nd and Etihad airways whom placed 3rd on the list. Qatar airways presence in the Middle East has always been huge. They operate a variety of short to long haul flights with a fleet that consists of the Airbus A350-900/1000, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, the Airbus A380, the Boeing 777, the whole Airbus A320 series excluding the A318, and the A330/340 aircraft (currently being phased out). Qatar also has a cargo fleet flying worldwide from their base in Doha as well. Not only do they have commercial and cargo operations, they also have Executive operations!


As you can tell Qatar is geared up to be one of the worlds best for years to come as well as in the Middle East. We look forward to traveling with Qatar in the future as well as many of the amazing runner up airlines you can find on Skytrax’s list. Congratulations to all the airlines whom won an award and those who came in as runners up in this year’s voting!


how do you feel about Qatar winning the worlds best airline for 2019? Have you flown with Qatar or even in their Qsuites? Let us know down below!


Feature image courtesy of the Paris airshow

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