A Sky Lease Cargo Boeing 747-400 has overran runway 08L at Honolulu International Airport. The aircraft registered as N904AR was performing flight GG-1738 from San Francisco, CA to Honolulu, HI (USA). They landed on Honolulu’s runway 08L which was shortened at 13:04L (23:04Z).

Tower called “hey, on runway 08L stop! Stop! 1738, hold short!” The crew confirmed “holding short”. Tower subsequently instructed the aircraft to make a 180 at minimum power and subsequently instructed to hold position. The next approaches were instructed to go around.

The FAA reported the aircraft overran the (displaced) end of the runway and ran into barriers. There was no damage.

The runway was closed for about 45 minutes until the aircraft was towed off the runway. The last 3200 feet of runway 08L was not available due to work in progress on the runway’s arrestor bed.


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