A Qatar Airways Airbus A320-200, registration A7-AHQ performing flight QR-307 from Doha (Qatar) to Helsinki (Finland) with about 150 people on board, was en route at FL360 about 70nm southeast of Yerevan (Armenia) when the crew decided to return to Doha. The aircraft initially descended to FL350 for the return and subsequently descended to FL270 about 40 minutes after the turnaround. The aircraft landed safely back in Doha about 4:50 hours after departure and about 2:30 hours after turning around.

A replacement A320-200 registration A7-AHG reached Helsinki with a delay of 7:50 hours.

A passenger reported the captain announced there was an unusual sound in the cockpit, they wouldn’t be able to hear back in the cabin, and that’s why they were returning to Doha. Back in Doha staff told them the aircraft returned due to a technical issue.


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