Private Jet Overshoot at Liverpool-John Lennon Airport

by Travel Radar
Thom O'Donnell_Reuters

A private jet veered off the runway at Liverpool-John Lennon this morning and came to a halt a few metres off a connecting taxiway.

Stranded Private Jet at Liverpool  ©Merrick Nind

The aircraft had departed from Bedford, Massachusetts previously. Three crew and one passenger were on-board. Happily, no injuries were sustained. The single passenger was Mr. Mike Gordon, the managing owner of Liverpool Football Club who was due to attend a meeting at the club.

At the time of writing (17:45 GMT) the airport was still out of service, awaiting approval to recommence operations from the Air Accidents Investigation Branch.

Flights from Belfast and Amsterdam were cancelled and others including those from Dublin, Salzburg and the Isle of Man were diverted to nearby Manchester.

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