A Lufthansa Airbus A380-800, registration D-AIMJ performing flight LH-401 from New York JFK,NY (USA) to Frankfurt/Main (Germany), was en route at FL370 about 220nm northeast of Halifax,NS (Canada) when the crew decided to turn around and divert to Boston,MA (USA) reporting oil fumes on board and the reducing engine oil quantity on the #2 engine (Trent 970, inboard left hand). Cabin crew donned their smoke hoods. The aircraft dumped fuel on the way to Boston. Approaching Boston the flight crew reported one of the flight attendants was not feeling well and requested medical services available on arrival of the aircraft. The aircraft landed safely on Boston’s runway 15R about 90 minutes after turning around. The entire crew went to a hospital.

Preliminary information received indicates there had been a strong burning odour related to oil fumes as well as visible smoke in the cabin. All cabin crew donned their smoke hoods, the flight crew donned their oxygen masks. Two cabin crew felt very sick. After landing flight and cabin crew went to a hospital, passengers including babies needed medical attention as well. Maintenance determined an oil leak at engine #2.

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