Norwegian 737 Max Touches Down Despite Go Around Instruction

A Norwegian Airlines Boeing 737-8 MAX, registration EI-FYA performing flight D8-351 from Krakow (Poland) to Helsinki (Finland), was on short final to Helsinki’s runway 22L at 17:15L (15:15Z) when tower instructed the aircraft to go around, the crew, however, continued the landing and touched down. The aircraft rolled out without further incident.

A Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-900, registration TC-JYH performing flight TK-1769 from Istanbul (Turkey) to Helsinki (Finland), had landed on runway 22L just prior to the Norwegian and was slow to vacate the runway. At the time, tower instructed the go around the Turkish was just about to turn off the runway, by the time the Norwegian touched down the Turkish was already on the high-speed turnoff ZJ but had not yet crossed the hold short line. The Norwegian was able to vacate the runway via high speed turn off ZJ, too.

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Playback of the two flights, with the Turkish Airlines aircraft on the ground with the Norwegian 737Max on finals
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Finland’s Onnettomuustutkintakeskus (AIBF) reported they have opened an investigation into the occurrence when an airliner landed on the runway that was still occupied by a previously landed airliner. An AIBF spokesman later added the Norwegian did not react to a tower instruction in this situation.

On Jan 19th 2019 Finland’s ANS (ATC provider) reported the Turkish B739 was already vacating the runway hence, according to the ATC manuals, it was permitted to issue a landing clearance. However, the B739 slowed unexpectedly – but did not stop – prompting the controller to call the Norwegian to go around twice. Although the Norwegian continued for landing, there was no real danger as there was sufficient distance between the two aircraft.

On Jan 19th 2019 the AIBF indicated that important data were lost due to late notification of the event to the AIBF. The Turkish B739 had already departed to Istanbul when the AIBF received notification, the CVR recordings, therefore, are most likely lost though an attempt is being made to read the CVR out in Istanbul.

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EFHK 181450Z 30007KT CAVOK M12/M13 Q0997 NOSIG=

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