Nippon Cargo Airlines (NCA) Cancels European Routes

Japanese Cargo Carrier, founded in 1978, Nippon Cargo Airlines (NCA), has had to cancel a further six flights due to Russia’s war on Ukraine


Nippon Cargo Airlines Current Route Map © NCA
Nippon Cargo Airlines Current Route Map © NCA



In a statement released on their website on Monday 07th March, Nippon Cargo Airlines stated the reason for their cancellations and said they hope to resume alternative routes that don’t fly over Russian airspace as soon as possible. 

“Because the flight route of our European flights may be restricted  

We are currently investigating air routes that do not pass through Russian airspace.  

We are aiming to resume our European flights as soon as possible.” 


Cancelled Flights 

This isn’t the first time NCA has had to cancel flights due to the Ukraine crisis; they have had to cancel 12 flights since the 4th of March. Details of the newly cancelled flights are below.

  • 9th March, KZ008 from Narita to Amsterdam  
  • 10th March, KZ049 from Amsterdam to Narita via Milan  
  • 12th March, KZ008 from Narita to Amsterdam  
  • 12th March, KZ049 from Amsterdam to Narita via Milan  
  • 13th March, KZ018 from Narita to Milan via Amsterdam  
  • 13th March, KZ017 from Milan to Narita 



Airspace Bans

Many countries across EuropeAmerica and Asia have closed their airspace to Russian airlines. The airspace bans have caused longer flights due to having to reroute. The rerouting of flights results in extra flying time and, in turn, additional fuel costs and a larger carbon footprint. The need for extra aviation fuel also results in extra weight, which means fewer passengers or cargo can be transported per flight. An example of the effect of the airspace bans on Russia is Aeroflot flight number SU2466, from Moscow to Budapest, which had to add 70 minutes of flight time to avoid flying over Poland and Czechia.


Russia’s war on Ukraine and its subsequent sanctions have affected even the cargo industry. What are your thoughts about this? Let us know in the comments below. 



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