Netherland-based, Zeusch Aviation (Lelystad), has added a Beech 200 aircraft to it’s fleet, which will supplement the existing fleet of two Beechcraft C90As, and has announced it would enter the air ambulance market in Europe.

The new unit will be operated by fellow medevac specialist and an AOC holder, IAS Medical (Durham Tees Valley). The turboprop will be configured as a dual-purpose aircraft for both passenger charter and medevac operations, with the reconfiguration possible in just two hours. Zeusch Aviation plans to deploy the King Air 200 into revenue service by mid-July.

Thanks to the aircraft’s capability to operate out of short and unpaved runways, Zeusch Aviation expects to see demand for its services in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. It also hopes to benefit from its partner’s IAS Medical’s much more significant medevac experience.

Zeusch Aviation currently deploys its two C90As on surveillance, mapping, and TV relay missions on behalf of governments or other third part contractors.

By the end of 2018, the carrier hopes to further boost its fleet with the addition of a larger aircraft. The prospective unit would be deployed primarily on passenger charter services.

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