A mobile phone onboard a Korean Airlines Airbus A330-300 has started smoking after being squeezed in the seat, Flight KE-111 from Seoul (South Korea) to Guam, was descending towards Guam when a passenger’s mobile phone slipped away and became squeezed in the seat. The phone began to emit smoke prompting cabin crew to discharge a total of 4 fire extinguishers onto the phone. The aircraft continued for a safe landing in Guam.

The airline reported it was not a problem with the mobile phone itself, but the fact that the phone became squeezed in the seat. The aircraft became delayed for more than 15 hours in Guam due to the requirement of 7 working fire extinguishers on board. The discharged fire extinguishers could not be replaced locally, therefore a complement of fire extinguishers had to be sent to Guam before the aircraft could depart with 265 passengers on the return flight KE-112 arriving in Seoul with a delay of 15.5 hours.

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