Rail to Air Partnership
Lufthansa & Deutsche Bahn Partnership | © Airguru.de

Germany’s most storied Air Carrier, Lufthansa, has partnered with the country’s main National Rail provider (Deutsche Bahn) to expand its train to flight services initiatives. The Lufthansa Express Rail Network will now incorporate an additional five train routes to and from key cities connecting to Frankfurt Airport. In July, Hamburg and Munich will begin such services, followed by Bremen, Münster and Munich in December.

Lufthansa has three core objectives at the heart of this project:

  • Higher speed trains, resulting in shorter journey times (e.g. 30 minutes less to and from Munich) between its major hub, Frankfurt and prominent cities
  • Increased regularity of its train to flight services
  • More flexible booking options for Lufthansa’s Customers
Route Connectivity
Lufthansa Rail Express Route Connectivity | © Eturbo News

Environment At Epicentre Of Initiative

Indeed, all of the above is progress towards the United Nations initiative to be Carbon Neutral by 2050. Lufthansa and Deutsche Bahn were both very bullish about the environmental, social and economic benefits of the connectivity capabilities.

Harry Hohmeister, who is a member of the Executive Board at Lufthansa AG said, “With this joint initiative, we are strengthening the offer of mobility in Germany, thus bolstering the local economy. By intelligently linking rail and air transport, we offer our customers a seamless and convenient travel network, benefiting consumers and the environment.”

Meanwhile, Berthed Huber, who is a member of the Deutsche Bahn Executive Board said, “A good cooperation is now turning into a comprehensive partnership, the likes of which have never been seen before between Lufthansa and Deutsche Bahn. At the end of the year, DB will be expanding the links between Germany’s largest hub and the new Sprinter connections. Travel by rail will be faster and more comfortable.”

A More Seamless Airport Experience

Waiting around for your flight luggage at the conveyor belts will not seem so painstaking moving forward, as Lufthansa Express Rail Customers suitcases will be towards the front of the dispatch point. Furthermore, they will benefit from fast-track access at Airport Security.

More really does mean more onboard Lufthansa Rail Express, as Miles & More Customers will be entitled to Double Status Miles on all their journeys throughout 2021!

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