A Lufthansa Airbus A321-200 (D-AISK) was performing flight LH-1162 from Frankfurt (Germany) to Faro (Portugal). They were en route at FL350 about 50nm east-northeast of Nantes in France when a windshield cracked. The crew descended the aircraft to FL240 and decided to return to Frankfurt, later climbing the aircraft to FL260. The aircraft landed in Frankfurt about 80 minutes after the decision to return.

No depressurization seemed to occur as the crew did not bring the aircraft below FL100 as procedure states if a depressurization was to happen.

The airline reported the crew decided to return to Frankfurt after consultation with dispatch. The aircraft could have continued to Faro, however, would have become stuck in Faro after landing.

Another A321-100 was scheduled and reached Faro with a delay of 4.5 hours.



©Martin Tietz

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