London Heathrow Non-operational Staff to Volunteer Over the Busy Summer Season

London Heathrow Airport has been in the news of late. The busy UK hub is struggling to cope with the intensity of passenger demand and is gearing up for a severely hectic summer. Precautions in the form of a cap on passenger numbers have already been implemented, and the airport has been in a dispute of sorts with Emirates following a request to cut flights.

Now, in an attempt to improve passengers’ experience over the summer and tackle the lack of staff, London Heathrow has turned its non-operational staff. 750 of them will be volunteering 10,000 hours and over 2,200 shifts this summer via the ‘Here to Help’ initiative to keep the airport running smoothly.

Heathrow needs all the help it can get…

In a year where London Heathrow has been as busy as perhaps it has ever been alongside a staffing crisis within the industry, it has been difficult to positively reap the rewards of air travel bouncing back.

But Heathrow’s Here to Help initiative is back at the right time, returning in its 12th year to help the airport maintain a high standard of customer experience for all passengers.

The Here to Help team will assist the airport and airlines in maintaining a positive airport experience regardless of how busy it gets. It is important to note that this summer will see families and individuals get away on holiday abroad for the first time since 2019, making it even more important that they enjoy their air travel experience.

The volunteers will help travellers navigate the airport as smoothly as possible by welcoming them to the airport, offering useful information and directions, helping to manage issues such as hand luggage exceeding the size allowances, and assisting travellers through security seamlessly. The volunteers are also on hand to help travellers with any pre-departure paperwork, advice on COVID-19 testing if required, and help if you miss your initial flight or connecting flight.

Security lines at Denver International Airport during the Thanksgiving holiday in 2014
As of June 2022, London Heathrow Airport continues to be the busiest airport in the UK. | © Photo by RJ Sangosti / The Denver Post via Getty Images

Emma Gilthorpe Chief Operating Officer at London Heathrow. She commented on the 12th running of the Here to Help initiative and how the unique nature of this year makes it more desired than ever:

“Our long-standing Here to Help initiative has been bolstered in the lead up to the summer holidays to help us fully prepare for the summer surge and ensure passengers get away smoothly. We are aware that these summer holidays are the first in three years for many passengers, and that travelling for some may be a stressful experience. Our Here to Help team will assist you onto your holidays as seamlessly as possible. From small steps like helping you pack your liquids to being a friendly face helping you find your way through the airport, the ‘purple people’ at Heathrow will be out on mass from today.”

Will you be flying from London Heathrow this Summer? Let us know in the comments below. 

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