Indonesia’s National Transportation Safety Committee is looking into an incident aboard a Lion Air Boeing 737-900ER enroute to Jambi on April 1st, 2018.

The aircraft (pictured above), which had a previous known issue with its pressurization system, departed Jakarta on April 1st for a routine domestic flight. As the aircraft began its climb out, passing 10,000 feet- the cabin altitude alarm sounded. Passenger oxygen masks were deployed at 18,000 feet and the crew decided it was necessary to divert to Palembang. Later, the pilot noted that he was unable to control the cabin pressure during descent and resorted to manual cabin pressure control. The aircraft landed safely but the cabin had to be manually outgassed prior to the doors being opened at the gate.

Indonesian officials are calling upon Lion Air to overhaul its training programs to further familiarize all flight crews with aircraft systems and proper troubleshooting procedures should issued arise. 

PT Lion Mentari Airlines D/B/A Lion Air is headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia. Lion Air is a low cost airline operating more than 630 international and domestic flight per day, they are the second largest low cost airline in Southeast Asia.

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Images: ©️ and Lion Air


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