A JAL Japan Airlines Boeing 787-9, registration JA869J performing flight JL-873 from Tokyo Narita (Japan) to Shanghai Pudong (China), had landed on Shanghai’s runway 34R, vacated the runway to the left at the last turn off and crossed runway 34L just before the runway end.

A Delta Airlines Airbus A350-900, registration N501DN performing flight DL-582 from Shanghai Pudong (China) to Detroit,MI (USA), was accelerating for takeoff from Pudong’s runway 34L when the crew observed the 787 enter the runway near the end of the runway and rejected takeoff at high speed (above 100 knots over ground). The crew was able to stop the aircraft about 1180 meters/3870 feet before the runway end. Emergency services needed to intervene and spray the hot brakes. The aircraft subsequently returned to the apron and is still in Shanghai about 13 hours later.

The JAL Boeing stopped just past runway 34L and remained stationary there for about 70 minutes before continuing taxi to the apron.

China’s Civil Aviation Authority have opened an investigation into the serious incident.

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