Icelandair new livery
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Icelandair has announced a new livery as part of a complete brand refresh, inspired by the colours of Icelandic nature and the northern lights. The rollout will begin with five Boeing 737 MAX aircraft to be painted by February before the rest of the fleet gets a makeover later this year.

737 MAX Arrives in Iceland

The freshly painted Boeing 737 MAX 8 (TF-ICE), named Jökulsárlón, arrived at Keflavík International Airport on January 28 from a painting facility in Norwich, UK.

In total, five 737 MAX aircraft will feature the updated livery by the end of February. The remaining aircraft in Icelandair’s fleet will then be repainted as maintenance schedules permit.

icelandair 737 max new livery
The first aircraft to be painted arrived in Iceland on January 28. | @ Icelandair

There will be a total of 5 different tail colours: Boreal Blue, Sky Blue, magenta, yellow, and green. These colours were chosen to represent the colours of Icelandic nature. TF-ICE, the first delivery, sports a sky blue tail.

New Livery Design Inspiration

Drawing inspiration from Iceland’s surroundings, Icelandair hopes to inspire travel to the country through the colours of the new livery.

In detail, each livery colour represents different aspects of Icelandic natural phenomena:

  • Midnight Blue, Icelandair’s heritage colour, pays homage to the night sky and will remain the main colour of the livery.
  • Snow White represents Icelandic glaciers and will be the colour of the body of the aircraft
  • Boreal blue represents the northern lights
  • Magenta is for the collective creative power of the country, mixed with the colour of the sunrise
  • Sky Blue represents the crisp blue summer sky
  • Golden yellow signifies the sun as it reflects off of Icelandic waterfalls and glaciers, as well as simmering magma
  • Green is for life that is found on the island, even in the harshest conditions

In a press release, Icelandair says that the extension of their colour palette will help to bring the vibrancy and spirit of Iceland to the world. The current livery, which has not been changed since 2006, will be replaced in 2022.

iceland air old livery
Icelandair’s current livery will be updated this year. The updated livery will be the first change since 2006. | @ Anujan Anton-Jerad / Travel Radar

Which livery do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below! 

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