Iberia has increased flights to Dallas from three weekly flights to daily. Iberia has announced that it will expand its services from Madrid to Dallas beginning in June 2023, from three weekly flights to once daily.

Just a day after hosting an event in Dallas to celebrate its launch of flights from Madrid to Dallas, Iberia has broken new grounds by announcing that it will expand its schedules from flying thrice weekly to once daily.

Iberia will look to increase the frequency between now and June 2023 until it reaches one daily flight. Given that the airlines await the delivery of several new aircraft, they cannot rapidly ramp up services.

Iberia currently services the route (and most routes to the United States of America) with Airbus A330 aircraft.

The Airbus widebodies have three-cabin configurations: Business, Premium Economy, and Economy. The airline currently offers 40,000 seats per month on the Madrid-to-Dallas route.

As part of its commitment to building boundaries in the US market, Iberia has constantly reiterated that the US Market is a priority market. As part of that commitment, Iberia is ramping up seat capacity by 15% for flights to the US this winter which is higher than what was obtainable in the 2019 winter schedule. Between now and March 2023, Iberia will offer 589,000 seats and has almost 2000 flights scheduled to the US for winter, which is 21% more than before the COVID pandemic.

Iberia is increasing flights on other US routes

Iberia will increase frequency of Madrid to Dallas route
Iberia’s Airbus A320 | ©Wikimedia Commons

In addition to ramping up flights from Madrid to Dallas from thrice weekly to once daily, Iberia has announced that it would increase flights to other US cities, including Miami, New York, and Chicago. Below is a summary of the airline’s scheduled flights to the United States of America.

  • Dallas – the airline is ramping up operation from 3x weekly to daily from June 2023.
  • Los Angeles – 3x weekly
  • Miami – 2x daily
  • Boston – 3-5x weekly, depending on the month of the year.
  • New York – 12-14x weekly, also depending on the month of the year.
  • Chicago – 5-7x weekly. It also depends on the month.
  • Washington – seasonal service will resume in March 2023 as part of Iberia’s summer season schedule.
  • Sa Francisco – seasonal service to restart in May 2023.

The US is a priority market for Iberia, and as part of its commitment to providing services to the US, Iberia is increasing flights to major cities in the US. Iberia is increasing flights to Miami and New York from 10 weekly to 14 flights a week at the rate of 2 daily. The airline will offer over 17,000 seats on each route between now and March 2023.


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