Garuda Indonesia CRJX at Surabaya has a temporary runway incursion on landing.

On January 18th, 2018, a Garuda Indonesia Canadair CRJ-1000, registration PK-GRP performing flight GA-681 from Ambon to Surabaya (Indonesia) with 57 passengers and 6 crew onboard. The aircraft performed RNAV approach to Runway 28 and was cleared to land by ATC. After the crew reported the runway in sight, on short final the pilot flying requested the windscreen wipers to be set to low and upgraded to high speed.

About two minutes later the aircraft touched down at +1.9G, it veered off the runway to the right near taxiway N6. The pilot flying applied full left rudder and returned the aircraft onto the runway near taxiway N5. The pilots then applied thrust reversers and brakes. The aircraft vacated the runway via taxiway S2. The controller inquired whether the landing had been normal, the crew reported they had gone off the runway. They also said that a runway light might be damaged. The aircraft taxied to the apron where the passengers disembarked normally.

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A post-flight inspection revealed a dent to the right-hand inboard lower flap skin. One runway light was found to be damaged.

The NTSC released their preliminary report

The report states that the captain (who is 54, an ATPL, with 18,220 hours total and 2,752 hours on type) was pilot flying and acting as a qualified flight instructor. The first officer (who is 27, a CPL, with 112 hours on type) under supervision was pilot monitoring. A third pilot also who is said to be under training occupied the observer’s seat.

The NTSC reported that the weather report issued at 09:46Z stated that no significant weather change was to be expected in near future. However, at 10:14z the weather changed significantly with heavy rain and visibility lowering to 1000 meters. It was expected the visibility would increase to 5000 meters and rain reduce to light rain by 11:00z. The tower controller observed heavy rain moving over the aerodrome from east to west.



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