A Flydubai Boeing 737-800, registration A6-FEQ performing flight FZ-918/FDB1PB from Moscow Sheremetyevo (Russia) to Dubai (United Arab Emirates), commenced takeoff from runway 06R without takeoff clearance, tower instructed the aircraft to reject takeoff, the crew complied and rejected takeoff. The aircraft vacated the runway about 1700 meters/5700 feet down the runway and returned to the apron. At the same time of the takeoff an Aeroflot A330-243, flight AFL151, was crossing the runway just after landing from Havana, Cuba, and was taxiing to the terminal.

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Airport overview at time of incident (©GA Group, Flightradar24)

The aircraft departed about 2.5 hours later and reached Dubai with a delay of 3:15 hours.

Russia’s Air Traffic Control Organisation reported:

The aircraft commenced takeoff without clearance and stopped following an according instruction by tower. The crew requested to return to the apron. The aircraft was able to depart about 2.5 hours later following an interview of the crew.



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