Flybe Chooses Belfast City Airport as Second Base

British budget airline, Flybe, has announced that they are opening up a second operational base at Belfast City Airport. Flybe said that they are expecting to rapidly grow their company, which will result in creating more jobs and flight routes.  


Flybe stated: “Flybe is expected to play a crucial role in creating valuable jobs, connecting communities, and helping restart local economies across the UK and Europe after it launches and grows its fleet of fast, quiet, and CO2 efficient dash 8-400 planes to a planned size of 32 aircraft.” 


Flybe CEO

CEO of Flybe, Dave Pflieger, stated:  

“Next week is going to be an exciting time for customers and communities that have been waiting to hear from us about low fares, new routes, and new destinations—all of which are being timed to coincide with the restart of the economy and a return to normalcy after two difficult years for all.     

“As you’ve heard, our team has been working hard for over a year and a half to bring customers a new airline that people will love, and we are particularly excited to be flying to Belfast City Airport and serving Northern Ireland.   

“Once we start flying from Birmingham, Belfast, and many other cities in the UK and EU, we are confident that a new and improved Flybe will provide customers with great value, more choices, and the opportunity to quickly and more conveniently visit loved ones, go on holiday, and more easily visit customers or attend important meetings.   

“Given that goal, Flybe hopes to do its part to help communities across the country bounce back from the dramatic impact of the global pandemic.” 


Flight Routes 

Next week Flybe will be releasing full flight routes and destinations available from its two bases in the UK, Birmingham and Belfast City Airport. Tickets will be available for purchase on their website next week.  


Flybe's new website is still under construction but is expected to be fully operational next week © Flybe
Flybe’s new website is still under construction but is expected to be fully operational next week © Flybe

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