Flights from Glasgow Airport to Resume

Glasgow Airport is to begin flights locally this week as International and domestic travel starts to pick up again.

Glasgow Airport
Glasgow. | © Adam Marikar

International travel begins

The countdown to international travel has begun around the world, as vaccines are globally distributed and things start to open up again. In the UK, airports have been adding new and old destinations to their departure list as they prepare for a summer of tourism and holidays. Whereas, in Scotland, they have been looking at domestic departures.

Glasgow Airport
Flights to resume. | © Ken Yam

Glasgow’s flights to restart

Unlike others, Glasgow Airport wasn’t closed during the pandemic as it had to stay open to accommodate key workers and emergencies. Thus, reopening flight paths won’t feel too overwhelming for the airport and its workers, as they’ve been preparing for travel to take off again and the increase in demand that will come with it.

Glasgow Airport are starting locally and beginning flights from the Scottish city to other places in the UK.

What flights are available?

Glasgow Airport flights
easyJet in charge of flights. | © Viktor Forgacs

The airline easyJet will be flying passengers from Glasgow Airport to Bristol, Birmingham, London, Jersey and Belfast – all important connections for business and travel. The flight between Bristol and Glasgow will happen six times a week, until the end of May, when the operation will increase to ten flights a week. The other routes will also work like this – increasing as time progresses and the aviation industry get closer to the summer months.

Also, the Scottish airline Loganair will be carrying out routes from Glasgow to Southampton, Three, Exeter, Shetland, Islay and other parts of the UK.

Hopefully, it won’t be long until international travel from Scotland can resume and the world can have some version of normality back in terms of holidays and travelling.

Are you looking forward to travelling again? Let us know in the comments below!

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