A Jet2.com Boeing 737-800 has diverted to Manchester due to flap problems. The aircraft registered as G-GDFP was performing flight LS-444 (dep Aug 23rd) from Heraklion (Greece) to Leeds, EN (UK). They were descending towards Leeds (runway length 2250 meters/7400 feet) when the crew stopped the descent at 5000 feet due to a flaps problem. After working through the checklists, which led to the problem not being resolved, the crew decided to divert to Manchester, EN (UK) (runway length 3050 meters/10000 feet. The aircraft safely landed at a higher than normal speed (182 knots over ground) and stopped on the runway. Emergency services sprayed the brakes to cool them down.

The airline reported a flaps indication prompted a precautionary diversion to Manchester, the passengers were bussed to Leeds.


© Florencio Martin Malian

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