The American aircraft manufacturer seems to have nothing but setbacks these days. Together with the engine builder General Electric, they found an anomaly during several tests of the engine, which has to be installed on the new Boeing 777X.

After Boeing’s showpiece, the 737MAX, had a huge setback. The next type that Boeing wants to bring to the market, also seems to have a setback. The engine builder General Electric, together with Boeing, found an anomaly during several tests with the GE9X. This type would come under the wings of the upgrade of the Boeing 777: the Boeing 777X.

Compared to the problems the Boeing 737MAX is facing, this is only a small one. However, it has some consequences. The first test flight was supposed to take place at the end of June this year, but this date seems no longer feasible.

Earlier, the presentation of the gigantic aircraft to the general public had already been postponed by the fatal crash of the Boeing 737MAX in Ethiopia. The aircraft manufacturer then only presented the new aircraft to its employees. On that day, photos of some of the employees were already leaking. In the meantime 4 777-9s were built.

The world is looking with big eyes at the upgrade of the very popular Boeing 777. Of this type alone 1593 were built, including the cargo version. Boeing will launch 2 variants on the market: the Boeing 777-8, you can compare this to the Boeing 777-200 and the Boeing 777-9, that you can compare to the Boeing 777-300. The -9 variant is no less than 77 metres long and is therefore longer than the four-engined Airbus A340-600 or Boeing 747-8. It has a flying range of 14000 kilometers. The -8 is 7 metres shorter than the -9, but has a larger flying range: 16000 kilometres which can take you from Cape Town to Tokyo.

The 2 variants are also highly technological. It is the largest airplane with 2 engines so it is not illogical that the engines are the largest that hang under a jet airplane. In addition, they are 13% more efficient than the engines under the previous 777s. Just like the 787-series it is made out of light material. The wings are so long that the ends can fold up so that airports don’t have to adapt their infrastructure.

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In the 777-9, 414 chairs will be installed in a 2 classes configuration. In the 777-8 this will be 365. At this moment 344 pieces have been ordered. You can follow the current 777 orders and deliveries on:

Airlines that ordered the 777-9 or the 777-8 are Lufthansa, Qatar Airways, Etihad Airways, British Airways, Singapore Airlines, ANA and Cathay Pacific.